Our Why?

Made with Black Culture establishes an ethical standard for commercializing culture. The creativity of Black Culture has an historical legacy of being extracted and commodified in-service of economic activity without circulating the economic rewards back to the stewards, creatives and humans that make up Black Culture.

The colonizing values of commodifying people for profit undermines well-being, derails environmental safety and accelerates income disparity for Black Culture at large. When this goes unaddressed, Black Culture remains vulnerable to systemic racism that monopolizes rights to the economic rewards generated by Black Culture’s distinct value creation.

Our vision is to empower the world to consume Black Culture ethically by forging equitable relationships with companies, product makers and retailers that sell Black Culture. We are under Ancestral obligation to protect the assets and IP of Black Culture.

The spirit of MWBC is rooted in restoring economic equity and healing racial trauma.


The way in which the world consumes Black Culture is grossly exploitative in nature. MWBC corrects this dynamic.

Tommy Johnson said...

Connect with Us

Who’s the energy behind MWBC? A community organizer, fintech lawyer, social impact strategist and creative director joined forces to address racial equity through the lens of consumerism. Together they keep the MWBC vision to restore equity and heal racial trauma.